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Marge Ceramics

Emily M Gannon, the maker behind Marge Ceramics, is a multi-disciplinary artist and potter currently living in Richmond, VA 

Her ceramics practice is both functional and decorative. She uses multiple clay bodies and surface treatments to create one-of-a-kind tableware, as well as sculptural/decorative pieces and more recently jewelry. 

Emily’s original focus in the arts was printmaking, however her material practice has since shifted into ceramics. 


Her work is very tactile, textured, obsessive, while also influenced by printmaking processes; carved, etched, illustrated. You can see references to the environment, the body, to home, to gestures, and the hands that make them.

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In her own words: “I see my work in clay as an extension of my background in printmaking and illustration. I obsess over surface; messy, expressive glazes, winding texts, intricate drawings etched into the clay. My hope is that the objects are held and explored, and the viewer gets as much joy from their investigation as I do making them.”

Emily is currently a Resident Artist at The Visual Arts Center in Richmond, VA. 

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